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Islanders Athletics

Poquoson High School

Islanders Athletics

Poquoson High School

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10 years ago @ 12:00AM

General Rules for Poquoson High School Athletics

General Rules for Poquoson High School Athletics

Message to Student-Athletes

Poquoson High School has a long history and tradition of athletic excellence. This tradition was not built overnight. It took years of dedication, commitment and hard work by countless numbers of people. As a Poquoson student-athlete you must continue to maintain this standard of excellence.

Your participation in athletics is a privilege and should be treated as such. Anytime you wear the maroon and gold, you are representing yourself, your family, your coach, your school, and all those who have worn these colors before you. Your behavior should be above reproach in all areas. Your conduct will be closely observed by other students, staff, parents, and the community.

Failure to follow the rules established by the team, the athletic department and the Poquoson City School’s code of conduct will result in disciplinary actions up to and including suspension from school, suspension from athletics, and expulsion from school and/or denial of future participation in athletics.

Message to Parents

As parents of students of Poquoson City Schools, we understand that attending any school activity or athletic event (paid or unpaid) does not give us the right to be unsportsmanlike, abusive physically or verbally to advisors, officials, players, coaches or fans. We understand that attending a Poquoson High School extra-curricular event is a privilege and that school personnel may revoke that privilege temporarily or permanently for inappropriate behavior.

Parents are encouraged to attend events and volunteer for their child’s team.
Please refer to the “Guide for Parent/Coaches Communication” on our website.

Student-athletes are expected to attend and participate in all practices, team meetings and contests. In order to participate in a practice or contest, the athlete must be in attendance the entire school day of the practice or contest. Athletes who have an excused absence because of a funeral, medical appointment, field trip or some other pre-arranged absence are considered to be in school for that day.

Athletes who are absent or tardy the day after a contest can expect an unexcused absence for classes missed or tardy. It is not acceptable to miss classes because of getting back late from an athletic event.

Any athlete who is suspended (either out of school or in-school) for violation of the policies and regulations of the student handbook, will be prohibited from participation in contest or practices on the day the suspension is being served.

Voluntary withdrawal from a Sport

· Quitting a team is a serious matter. No athlete should quit a team without first discussing his/her intention to do so with the coach.

· An athlete will not be permitted to participate in another sport until the season of the sport he/she drops has been completed unless the participation is approved by the coach of the sport dropped.

Dismissal from a Sport

Any athlete dismissed from a sport for any reason will not be permitted to participate in another sport season until the season of the sport he/she was dismissed from has been completed.

Failure to attend a practice or competition without a valid excuse may result in suspension from competition or removal from the team.

Team Rules

Coaches may impose other rules and expectations for their team beyond that of the athletic department or VHSL. These rules must be approved by the activities director and may not be inconsistent with the provisions of the code of conduct or the VHSL.


School transportation will be provided to all away contests and to some home events depending on the sport. It is expected that athletes leave and return with the team.

To promote the team concept, all students are encouraged to ride home together. However, if need be, a parent/guardian may sign their child out to ride home with them. At no time may a student leave a contest with another student.

Poquoson Athletic Award Policy

A Poquoson High School student can earn one varsity letter, each additional year of varsity play or another varsity sport will earn a star.

Junior Varsity Teams: All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Varsity Teams: All participants will receive a certificate of participation and a star.

4-Year Varsity Award: Seniors will earn a certificate for four years participation in a specific varsity sport.

Each sport season will have an awards reception including all the teams that participated in that season at the completion of the season.


Athletes will be issued equipment with the provision that it will be returned at the end of the season. Athletes will be held accountable for the cost of lost equipment. Game uniforms will be issued prior to the 1st contest and are not to be worn outside the school setting.

Athletes will not be allowed to participate in the next sport season until all equipment is accounted for.


Hazing is defined as any willful act done by a student, whether individually or in concert with others, to another student for the purpose of subjecting such student to humiliation, physical abuse or threats of abuse, social or other ostracism, shame or disgrace. Permission, consent or assumption of risk by any individual subjected to hazing does not lessen the prohibition. A conference will be held with the coach, student, student’s parents/guardians and the athletic director to determine the appropriate penalties. Depending upon the severity of the incident, penalties could include a formal reprimand, suspension from competition or removal from the team.

Inappropriate Behavior

When a student is involved in inappropriate behavior which school officials consider unbecoming of an athlete representing Poquoson City Schools a conference may be scheduled with the, student, student’s parents/guardians, coach and/or activities director to determine appropriate penalties. Depending upon the severity of the incident, penalties could include a formal reprimand, suspension from competition or removal from team.

Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form

Every child that participates in an athletic activity must have a completed and signed VHSL form dated after May 1, 2008.

It is the policy of the athletic department not to dispense over-the-counter medication of any kind. The athletic department will continue to prohibit the use of sport enhancement drugs.

Insurance Coverage

All student athletes must have insurance in order to participate in our athletic programs.
Poquoson City Schools does not assume financial responsibility for medical, hospital, or ambulance expenses incurred because of athletic injuries. Participation of athletics is voluntary and students do this at their own risk. Parents are required to sign the injury waiver form found on the Emergency Card.
Optional supplemental insurance coverage is available. Enrollment packets may be obtained from the office prior to the start of the school year. This coverage is a secondary coverage, which means that your personal insurance pays first.


Postponements and cancellations of athletic events or practices are the responsibility of the athletic department. A decision to cancel evening activities will generally be made between 12:00p.m. & 1:00p.m.. Announcements of cancellations/postponements will be made at school and posted on the web-site.

Other Important News

Please Do NOT park along the yellow curb in front of the high school. We need this lane clear for emergency vehicles.

Please Do NOT bring food or drinks into the gym area. Please do throw away any of your trash at any of our facilities. Thank you in this effort to keep pride in our appearance.

Please Do NOT bring pets on school grounds.

Alcohol is prohibited at all school functions and on school grounds.

Smoking is prohibited at all school functions and on school grounds.

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